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iQGenetix offers rapid personalized molecular diagnostics through proprietary data analytics and the latest genetic technologies.

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Revolutionizing Patient Care

Our first line of molecular tests will focus on some of healthcare’s largest problem areas in infectious diseases where intelligent molecular testing will significantly improve on current methods and improve the overall health of patients and save healthcare costs.  iQ Genetix will soon offer NGS and AI based tests for Chronic Disease, Cancer, Pharmacogenomics, Mental Health, Pain Management and Inherited Diseases.

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Our Goals

iQ Genetix targeted approach to molecular diagnostics will be used to guide healthcare decisions from diagnosis to treatment in all area of mainstream medicine.  Our goal is to make the power of genetics available to everyone.

Data & Analytics

iQ Genetix combines proprietary data analytics and targeted molecular diagnostics solutions to improve healthcare

Accessible by All

Our goal is to make the power of genetics and technology available to everyone.

Personalized Solutions

We offer rapid personalized molecular diagnostic solutions through proprietary data analytics combined with the latest genetic technologies to improve healthcare

Diagnosis to Treatment

We provide targeted molecular diagnostics to guide healthcare decisions from diagnosis to treatment.

Mainstream Medicine

iQ Genetix is bringing personalized molecular diagnostics to mainstream medicine

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