Respiratory Pathogen Panel

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Respiratory Pathogen Panel

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Rapid identification of respiratory pathogens and Coronavirus utilizing Quantitative Real time PCR Technology

Acute respiratory infections represent a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in young, geriatric, immunocompromised patients, or those with chronic pulmonary diseases.

 Viral and bacterial infections have overlapping clinical presentations making a definitive diagnosis difficult.

Co-infections are also common and access to advanced technology is essential to precisely detect multiple pathogens at once.

False negative test results can lead to a delayed diagnosis and poor clinical outcomes

Traditional virus cultures or enzyme immunoassays lack the necessary sensitivity and accuracy.   RT-PCR has emerged as a validated strategy for the rapid detection and precise identification of respiratory pathogens.

Rapid and precise pathogen identification is essential to effectively control the spread of infection.

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Respiratory Pathogen Panel

The Respiratory Pathogen Panel quickly detects and differentiates viral and bacterial pathogens so effective treatment can begin sooner

The Respiratory Pathogen Panel utilizes quantitative Real-Time PCR to analyze your patient’s nasal sample and reports results in the same to 24 hours. The test precisely identifies 16 respiratory viruses and bacterial species, including Coronavirus from a single specimen.  Same day to 24-hour turnaround time, preventing delays in diagnosis and treatment