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Rapid Pathogen Identification Using RT-PCR

Wound management can be complicated due to polymicrobial organisms and antibiotic resistance.

Multi-layered microbial communities, known as biofilms, surrounded by a self-produced protective extracellular slime further complicate a diagnosis.  More fastidious organisms may not be identified with standard culture, resulting in a delay in the appropriate treatment.

Additionally, the acquisition or emergence of resistance among bacteria that infect or colonize these wounds is a major health concern according to the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Wound Pathogen Panel

iQ Genetix molecular diagnostic test leverages RT-PCR technology which precisely identifies pathogens enabling providers to prescribe early effective treatments, while preserving antibiotics effectiveness

Molecular methods are advancing and becoming more accessible and affordable, and it is now possible to use bacterial DNA from the wound site to identify the pathogens present. Our Wound Pathogen Panel rapidly establishes the microbiological profile of a sample and simultaneously reveals antibiotic resistance genes.  Our molecular-based method offers a high degree of precision related to species identification and a rapid turnaround time compared with conventional cultures.

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